Biodesign Open Access Journal

[ Sep 2015 ] Vol.3 No.3

Mini review


  • High-accuracy protein structure modeling and its application to molecular replacement of crystallographic phasing

    (pp. 123~130)

    Keehyung Joo1,+, Mi-Sun Kim2,+, Jimin Park2,+, Jooyoung Lee1,* and Dong Hae Shin2,*



  • Identification of lead inhibitors targeting influenza A virus nucleoprotein through surface plasmon resonance screening

    (pp. 131~137)

    Chun-Yeung Lo1, Sze-Ting Choi1, Olive Tin-Wai Li2, Jacky Chi-Ki Ngo1, David Chi-Cheong Wan3, Leo Lit-Man Poon2 and Pang-Chui Shaw1*



Technical Report

  • Vapor batch crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of a cold-active endo-β-1,4-glucanase that was produced through the cold temperature protein expression

    (pp. 138~142)

    Young Jun An1, Min-Kyu Kim1, Jung Min Song2, Mee Hye Kang2, Youn-Ho Lee2 and Sun-Shin Cha1,3,4*