Article info Vol. 5  No. 1   pp.  24 ~ 29
Title Small-angle X-ray Scattering Beamline BL4C SAXS at Pohang Light Source II
Authors Kwang-Woo Kim, Jehan Kim, Young Duck Yun, Hyungju Ahn, Byoungseok Min, Na Hyung Kim, Seungyu Rah, Hyo-Yun Kim, Chae-Soon Lee, In Deuk Seo, Woul-Woo Lee, Hyeong Joo Choi and Kyeong Sik Jin*
Institutions Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, 80 Jigokro-127-beongil, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongbuk 37673, Korea. *Correspondence: jinks@postech.ac.kr
Abstract BL4C SAXS at the Pohang Light Source II is a small-angle X-ray scattering beamline based on an in-vacuum undulator insertion device, Si(111) DCM, and toroidal focusing mirror. The beamline normally provides high-flux synchrotron radiation X-ray sources with energies from 10.3 to 20.6 keV and a 100 µm (vertical) × 300 µm (horizontal) full width at half-maximum focal spot. The analysis of the SAXS data would be facilitated by means of useful ancillary equipment. The design of the beamline, the key components, and its role are described.